Mak Cantik

  • Mak Cantik

    Mak Cantik

    Mak Cantik, literally means “Beautiful Mother” in Malay, is considered to be among the best coral dive sites in Asia. It has got an abounding marine life which still managed to be worth seeing even on a bad day. It has been rated as a five star dive site due to its exquisiteness. Black or white tip reef sharks, Jenkin and blue spotted rays, huge schools of barracudas, giant puffer fish, trevalis as well as an awesome variety of ample corals and reef fish are regulars in the area. This dive site practically never fails to mezmerize any diver. Currents could be relatively challenging at times however enthusiasts still frequent the site.

    Night diving at Mak Cantik highlights the beauty of nocturnal sea creatures and something should not be missed.

    Location: Malaysia
    Average depth: 12 meters
    Maximum depth: 18 meters
    Current: Low
    Visibility: Excellent
    Best months: April/September

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