Redang Beach Resort

Redang Beach Resort

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Coral Redang Beach

Coral Redang Beach

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Redang Pelangi Resort

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Dive Redang

Looking for a captivating and a picturesque place to visit on your holiday trip? Redang Island or known as Palau Redang is here to offer you the most momentous holiday treat. It is the leading island pointing the China Sea with more than 20 diving sites that offer scenery you’ve never seen in your life!

As you visit Redang Island brace yourself and expect the unexpected splendor beauty of the ocean with abundant marine life and is surrounded by coconut trees. The scorching-heat of the sun at day time is not a hindrance for you to try jungle trekking to see those marvelous and never been seen natural beauty of Redang forest. Aside from the chance of seeing these spectacular underwater species, divers will also get a chance to see the two historic shipwrecks at Redang Island. The Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse were sunk at the shoreline of Redang Island during World War II.

The water temperature is 27°C (80°F) to 32°C (88°F) by which you can dive at 10 to 20 meters or about 33 – 66 feet underwater. With this, gear up to dive and be acquainted to wide array of marine life such as eel, big garoupa, black whale shark plus the chance to encounter the green sea and hawksbill turtles. Moreover, nudibranch, sea fans, sea stars, groupers, clownfish, stonefish, rabbitfish and pipefish commonly add up to the spectacular sceneries with a backdrop of coral reefs with every imaginable sizes, shapes and colors.

The island is bestowed not only with mesmerizing underwater beauty but also pristine white sand beaches. It has tropical climate with temperatures around 30°C and it is usually affected by northeast monsoon during winter. Travelers can get to Redang Island either by plane of boat. Berhaya Air has been noted to be the more convenient choice for air travel to the island. If sea route is preferred, boat transfer is via the main jetty at Merang. It is about 30km from the North of Kuala Terengganu. From the main jetty, you will get around Redang Island in approximately 40 mintues comfortable speedboats or ferry ride.

The best time to visit is during monsoon season which is between November and early March. You may dive all year round in Redand Island but months between April to August are the best.

Places to stay at Redang cost from RM200 a night. They offer cozy accommodations and comfortable dining which certainly sound very appeling after a day of tiring island hopping and diving.

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